Talecare Makes the List on Medical Ultrasound Equipment Market Share in China

Date:02-27-2017 Viewed:1334

Talecare Makes the List on

Medical Ultrasound Equipment Market Share in China

China Medical Devicesan authoritative publication on medical industry, released the big data of the field, which lists the market share of 21 categories of medical devices. In the category of Medical Ultrasound Equipment, Talecare is very honored to 1% of the share board on the list. We know that this very little 1% share has never come easy since there are so many industry giants in medical ultrasound field. It has shown the great success that Talecare has achieved with its persistence, efforts and innovation.        

Talecare has designed a set of Ultrasound Total Solutions based on its guiding ideology of "Health through Care". The special designed Doctor Chair can help ultrasound physicians to alleviate occupational health problems caused by sedentary; ENDO series electric beds have specific built-in E-intelligence bed sheet replacing & deviation-correcting system, which will be effective in reducing the potential risk of cross-infection; other products, such as Movable Lifting Table, Multifunctional Ultrasound Trolley, Probe Puncture Frame, Cotton Hygiene Wipe, Medical Coupling Agent and etc. are all well produced by high quality standards to make them be easily used by physicians. The set of our solutions have won much critical acclaim from ultrasound physicians since it was launched. 

Talecare has always dedicated its efforts to design and practice Ultrasound Total Solutions professionally.  


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